Pressure Cleaning

We’re here for professional pressure washing services for your home or business.

Residential Pressure Cleaning.

Your home is your most significant investment and a fundamental part of your life. Keeping exterior and interior clean offers inner satisfaction and is a source of pride. It keeps mold and mildew from causing damage to your home’s building materials and paint.
At Parrot Pro Restore, LLC, our well-trained, professional technicians are experienced in residential pressure cleaning. They know how much pressure to use and which cleaners show the best results on any exterior surface. With years of experience in cleaning homes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We strive to take the pressure off you and leave your space looking neat and tidy.

  • House
  • Mobile home
  • Driveways
  • Wall sides and sidewalks
  • Poolside and patio furniture
  • Fence

Commercial Pressure Cleaning.

As a professional cleaning company, we offer exquisite and comprehensive commercial pressure cleaning services. It is the ideal way to take good care of the outside of your property and is essential for property maintenance. We acquire the know-how to beautify your property, fix problems that cause structural damage, and do it all at competitive rates. Our specialty is that no heavy-duty job is challenging for us!

At Parrot Pro Restore, LLC, we make the exterior as clean as the interior. Whether it’s apartment complex, parking decks, or drive-thru, we’ve got you covered! Our cleaners have the skills, tools, and equipment to care for your building environment.

  • Bank and fast-food drive-thru
  • Parking decks and garages
  • Apartment complex
  • Gas stations and shopping stores etc.

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