Pressure Cleaning

We’re here for professional pressure washing services for your home or business.

Residential Pressure Cleaning.

Your home is your most significant investment and a fundamental part of your life. Keeping exterior and interior clean offers inner satisfaction and is a source of pride. It keeps mold and mildew from causing damage to your home’s building materials and paint.
At Parrot Pro Restore, LLC, our well-trained, professional technicians are experienced in residential pressure cleaning. They know how much pressure to use and which cleaners show the best results on any exterior surface. With years of experience in cleaning homes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We strive to take the pressure off you and leave your space looking neat and tidy.

  • House
  • Mobile home
  • Driveways
  • Wall sides and sidewalks
  • Poolside and patio furniture
  • Fence

Commercial Pressure Cleaning.

As a professional cleaning company, we offer exquisite and comprehensive commercial pressure cleaning services. It is the ideal way to take good care of the outside of your property and is essential for property maintenance. We acquire the know-how to beautify your property, fix problems that cause structural damage, and do it all at competitive rates. Our specialty is that no heavy-duty job is challenging for us!

At Parrot Pro Restore, LLC, we make the exterior as clean as the interior. Whether it’s apartment complex, parking decks, or drive-thru, we’ve got you covered! Our cleaners have the skills, tools, and equipment to care for your building environment.

  • Bank and fast-food drive-thru
  • Parking decks and garages
  • Apartment complex
  • Gas stations and shopping stores etc.

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Residential Cleaning

Do you want help reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals and make your homes a happier and healthier place? We are based on excellence and quality, and our services standouts through our professionally trained staff. With our high-quality janitorial cleaning services, you can be relaxed and enjoy your free time doing what you love!

We Help You Make the Right Impression with A Clean Home.

At Parrot Pro Restore, LLC, we believe that a job isn’t done until it’s done right. We provide the expertise, professionalism, and ownership to deliver extraordinary results that you can depend on day and night. Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to providing only the highest levels of cleaning services for customers.

Commercial Cleaning

Utilizing Leading Technologies to Clean Better.
With over ten years in the business, we are still focused on the highest standards every day. Our cleaning systems are a prime example. We use products that clean your business carefully and are effective and safe and make the right impression.

Our work scope goes beyond the scope that regular janitorial staff performs daily. We are trained to perform a flawless cleanup involving facility or structure cleaning and disinfection. Cleanup procedures typically encompass disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting and cleaning of equipment, tools, and/or supplies.

  • Move-in move-out cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection
  • Carpet/floor cleaning and restoration
  • Steam cleaning service

Office Cleaning and Disinfection.

To ensure smooth operations of your business, we offer cost-effective janitorial commercial cleaning services focusing on office cleaning and disinfection. With our effective and efficient cleaning process, we use a high-productivity approach combining advanced technologies with powerful products that significantly decrease airborne dust, VOCs, and bacteria.

At Parrot Pro Restore, LLC, we have the expertise to meet every cleaning need of your office. We believe that a cleaner workspace can contribute to increased employee productivity and with healthier air, potentially reducing the number of sick-leave absences. We carefully inspect, clean, and carefully re-check every inch and corner, making it shine and appear and smell brand-new.

Hire us now if you want your employees to feel lively and energized when they walk into the office!

Auto Spa

Do you want to revive your vehicle to look its best for as long as possible?

At Parrot Pro Restore, LLC, we offer various auto spa detailing and reconditioning facilities, enabling you to receive professional services without long waiting.

Through a result-proven, effective, and strict process, we ensure to provide all our customers with the highest artistry in car detailing and reconditioning. We guarantee the most convenient and economical way to keep your vehicle looking sharp and pristine.
Some of the detailing services at Parrot Pro Restore, LLC to restore your vehicle to its former luster are:

  • Auto Spa Detailing And Reconditioning
  • Headlight And Paint Restoration, Towel Dry
  • Wraps
  • Windows Tinting
  • Ceramic Coating

For over ten years, we have helped vehicle owners fall in love with their cars again. Leave the car detailing to us and let us restore the magic. If you’re seeking long-lasting protection, we’re right here for your next auto spa services.
You can always count on meticulous attention to detail by us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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